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The rantings, opinions and dreams

All the things you didn't learn in Kindegarden and never cared to know

10/29/07 03:33 pm - Complaint Happy

I have been having a complaining week.  First off--you may not know my car accident story.  Briefly, I was rearended April 13, 2006.  I was fairly badly hurt, unable to sit up or anything.  Just laying with ice on my back.  Well the guy who hit me had an insurance agent who is well known around these parts.  She kept calling me every day, threatening me, telling me how she didn't think my injuries were that bad.  I got a ride from my mother-in-law to Raleigh so I could have help.  This agent called telling me I had to drive the car down to her photographer and her body shop.  She kept saying if I didn't do what she told me to, Nationwide would pay less and less of my claim.  She lied terribly about the police report, telling me things I knew were lies--and that the police report said multiple witnesses were saying it didn't happen the way I said it did.  I asked her repeated to stop calling.  I had my insurance agent call her and tell her to stop calling me.  Finally I told her that I would be documenting it in a harassment log.  She kept reminding me that she would and could drag this out for 3 years.  So finally my car accident was settled this past summer.  I wrote a letter and this week I remembered I hadn't mailed it off yet.  So I mailed that off this week.  I wrote a letter to Nationwide's corporate office and to Jim Long, Commissioner for NC Dept of  Insurance, to explain her harassing abusive behavior and how it was nearly to the point of my filing criminal or civil charges against her.  I had to ask her repeatedly to stop calling me and that it was harassment to which she kept threatening if I didn't do what she demanded, she would make sure Nationwide paid less and less of my claim.  My grandfather was an insurance agent for many many years and said the Commissioner never gets letters about Individual Agents and that when they do, it is a very big deal.  So this should be a huge slap on her record and perhaps give her a problem maintaining her license.

Next my paypal problem.  As most of you know, I order a lot on Ebay.  Recently I've been bidding on a lot of Renaissance wear to the Ren Faire.  There is a seller on there ALLTHINGSRENAISSANCE*COM.  Write that down guys.  Anyway, I ordered from him.  After a few weeks, I wrote asking when he shipped.  No response.  A couple days later I wrote him again.  No answer.  A week later I filed a paypal complaint.  He never responded to paypal either but did take the time to leave me negative f/b. Then he shipped it.  After 6 wks it was too late.  So I am having a field day with this jerk trying to destroy my f/b.  I've written to a bunch of people, filed a paypal complaint, wrote to ebay.  I noticed his f/b has been TERRIBLE since I purchased.  Tons of negative f/b, neutral f/b, mutually withdrawn and even positive f/b that mentions no response to emails and slow shipping.  In the last month, he has 13 negatives and 46 positives.  Thats 21% of unhappy buyers.  So I started writing ebay on their sellers non-performance policy to get them to investigate.  I wrote to the other negative postings and asked them to write to ebay as well.  I have not dropped my paypal claim either.  Currently I'm filing a report on him on RipoffReport.com and BetterBusinessBureau.com.  You messed with the wrong person.

10/22/07 10:44 am - Halloween

So--Halloween seems to be losing all its meaning.  On Y!A the other day there was a question on why most adult costumes are slutty.  Can't you go trick or treating with your child anymore?  I mean I don't want to look like a hooker as I walk Snow White around the neighborhood.

At the time I answered b/c the adult costumes are for adult parties and most usually want that.  Though not all of them are--you just have to look harder.  Long black robes are still in style, if you want to be a midnight priestess or a professor from Harry Potter.

But this made me start thinking about the practice of Halloween.  When I go into the store, I see all these costumes for children (infants and toddlers, girls 4-7).  Parents in there purchasing a costume for a small child for 40 dollars.

When I was a kid, Halloween involved creativity.  A child spent ages trying to figure out what they wanted to be.  Things like A Kleenex box, a bowl of spaghetti, a baker--would emerge from their bright minds.  One would wish to be Tinkerbell and a mother would take a coat hanger to make some wings, and use a long green hanes shirt out of dad's closet tied with a belt.  Some gold glitter (or that cool glitter sparkle gel that we all loved in the 90s) and the child was set.  I can't recall the last time I saw a costume that wasn't prepackaged and usually trademarked.  I can't recall the last time a Box of Kleenex came to my door.

The older children--assigned to escort the younger one--thought they would win the battle and not have to go door to door.  They lost to superior parental forces and spent an hour running around trying to come up with a costume.  When I was in that role, we ran up to Walmart and/or a thrift store.  We bought a white hanes t, tore up some jeans, and with a little bit of pink hair spray (that worked better on the tshirt than in my dark hair)--and a punk rock star was born!

Now most of the older kids come to my door as "a teenager".  Halloween-no creativity required.

I reward the kids who I can tell have a handmade costume with more candy.  Since when did it lose its creativity?  The fun of Halloween was coming up with your "inner personality".  Remember that show Daria on MTV?  It suited me so well that when I found my thrift store green tweed and a plaid skirt--with my black combat style boots--everyone was very impressed.  Those who know your personality know why you picked it.

Best Costume Prizes used to be the most creative, most detailed--now its the most expensive.

Parents and kids are missing out on this valuable bonding time.  Mom and I on a search for a halloween costume--raiding attics for a suitable shirt, cutting out cardboard and painting whatever sign I needed.  The child--not trying to achieve the same perfection as the Disney assembly line--but creating a costume that they thought was beautiful b/c they helped make it.

Of course maybe this was back in the day when the science fair looked childish as well.  Before engineering fathers built the project in the garage and a child merely carried it in the next day.

I remember getting older as well.  Halloween costumes at 15, 16, 17 when I wanted to be sexy--not slutty.  When I still had to leave the house.  When words such as "as long as you live under my roof" echoed.  Now I see 13 yo girls on Y!A asking if a playboy costume is cute enough.  "No child of mine" is becoming faint.

Where are the parents?  Sexy.  It wasnt so long ago for me.  I understand wanting to be attractive and not wanting to dress up as Simba from the lion king, too old for cute and cuddly.  But that doesn't mean skirts out in public that wouldn't be allowed in a school system.  Our Pretty Woman costume was leopard, sure, but that skirt reached the knees too.  The long black robe was figure flattering and tighter--but I'd never have gotten arrested for indecent exposure. 

Have the kids lost all the creativity?  Is it true--video games and obesity have taken the place of all the outdoor games?  The imagination is crushed.  Or have parents just lost time.  Have our 60 hr work weeks meant that we no longer take the time to help our children wrap the toliet paper around and around until they are a mummy.  No pillowcases for candy--instead its a pumpkin shaped plastic bin.  Is it the childrens fault for losing all creativity or the parents fault for just wanting to swipe a credit card and be done with "family bonding time"?

What color ribbon can I start wearing in an effort to save Halloween?

10/17/07 11:57 am - Juvenile behavior, and other stories of work

So today I am pissed about work.  First off, I am in training for a stupid computer database program that is astronomically boring.  Levels previously unknown.  It's like hearing a computer program discuss how he first realized the code was wrong.  A lot of excitement yet no real comprehension of WHAT we are excited about.  Plus the computers keep breaking.  Frequently.  Nearly hourly.  So I'm constantly sitting there worried that this is the one task that will break the computer.  Acer computers are a piece of crap.  If your work needs cheap computers to just run one application--you are making sure while you are running this one program you will have internet turned off and the computer will have removed from it all games and whatnot--Acer does not have the capability to manage that. 

So the computer is a problem.  So I have my laptop in order to keep up with work while I'm in training.  I don't have email.  Yes that's right.  The Engineering vs Comm feud is continuing.  Some wars just never end.  So I call Steve and tell him I don't have VPN access (thats how we log on to our network in order to check email)--it goes down a lot.  So I wait.  Still no VPN.  I call Steve back to find out what the problem is...because I can't help but notice several gentlemen in front of me are VPN'ed to the network.  So basically its not all of VPN; it's just me.  Steve tells me he will "get right on that" and hangs up.  Next day, I still can't VPN.  Eric tries my computer and realizes he can VPN from my computer.  SO the problem isn't VPN and it isn't my computer.  It's a personal problem.

So I ask Tony (who is head honcho and like the range manager, I'm not sure his actual title).  Tony is stuck in training with me and as such has nothing better to be doing.  He calls Steve.  Steve is rude to him, hangs up on him, and basically informs Tony that he really had no intention to fix my problem.  Tony is pissed.  I still don't have email.

So the days go on and finally Steve actually stops taking my phone calls.  I call one of Steve's underlings who resets my password.  As the problem isn't that I have forgotten my password, that does no good.  I ask him to check to see if I've been blocked from the system.  He says he will get right on that.

Friday Eric leaves training early, drives over an hour from our training location down to Atlantic (our base).  He plugs into the network and with the help of one of our comm guys (basically B level as they arent good enough to work with Steve--also the fact they hate Steve) gets my email working.  Tony tells me to send an email explaining the situation to some higher ups.  I do.  This has of course continued the hatred between Engineering and Comm and will continue to have my email randomly blocked for days at a time.  The higher up sends an email to...most of Comm and Engineering demanding that Steve "explain this" and forwards my email to him. 

Dealing with comm really upsets me.  I thought in the real world it would be more mature.  While I expected backstabbing, the sheer refusal to do your job so that it will sabatoge someone else's--is very interesting to me.  Quite unexpected.

Next, ebay problems.  As if being bored, having a broken computer, starting a war, and being embarrassed by having the higher ups quote your email as if turning you into the whiny complainer wasnt enough for a single week--I move on.  Of course--thats hardly enough for anyone in a week.  Ebay.  I am an ebay addict.  I shop on there because I live somewhere with no shopping (other than Walmart).  You win some you lose some--but I figure you add the price of the items you get that suck together with the items you love.  Eric has bought a new stereo for his car that is being shipped currently.  I ordered some items for the Renaissance Fair from an individual.  For you ebay fans, hypothetically we will say his display name is "allthingsrenaissance" and has a picture of Fabio when you look at his feedback.  Anyway at that time he had great f/b.  The only complainers were some people who said "its been 8 days--item not arrived".  And I'm thinking damn you are impatient.  So I order.  Item doesn't make it.  I write emails to him after 4 weeks.  No response.  I wait a couple days, write another email, wait a couple days, write another email.  5 weeks pass and I've had no response to any of my emails so I file a paypal complaint.  Paypal tries that "help you with sending an email to your seller".  A week passes and no response from seller.  Then suddenly he leaves me nasty feedback!  So I go look at his feedback and it's full of No item-no response to email.  It's been 2 months--I've filed paypal claim.  Seller ignores all emails.  Poor service.  No item.  and I'm like hmmm....well I'm apparently not his first claim.  I leave feedback as well.  Allthingsrenaissance (hypothetical of course) finally responds to an email where he calls my claim unfounded and yells that the ITEM HAS BEEN SHIPPED.  He doesn't send the shipping tracking number to me but to the paypal claim.  Guess what--tracking number says he shipped it AFTER i filed the claim.  Apparently thats his MO.  Well now I have it and I'm not dropping the claim.  If I hadn't filed a claim I would have never gotten my items.  The other feedback waited 2 months before filing claim.  Anyway I think its wrong that they get to leave f/b after a claim has been filed.  Like they are going to say "awesome buyer.  Paid immediately".  No its gonna be more like "bitchy whiny buyer filed a claim on me"--despite the fact that you had to file a claim on him in order to get the ITEMS!!

So, one of my first couple feedbacks says I'm the WORST BUYER EVER!  quite upsetting.  I hate conflicts.  Even resolved by a 3rd party conflicts.  Luckily I bought 3 items and left f/b for one so after a while (when he has about 10 positive f/bs) I'm going to leave another negative for the 2nd item.  Then I'll wait a month and leave another one.  That way he will have it on the front page of his feedbacks.

NEXT--thing that continues to bother me.  AVON.  I love avon.  Their products are great, makeup is wonderful colors and smells like sweettarts, and jewelry is high quality.  Often you order $10 jewelry and it breaks immediately or looks like plastic and you'll never wear it.  Not Avon.  Some of my favorite pieces are less than $10 from Avon.  Anyway--I ordered often in Raleigh and then moved down to podunk hick town.  Couldn't find a representative.  Finally got one and loved her.  Ordered every month or two.  She was great, until she moved to Greenville.  So I had to find another one.  Looked all over the Avon "Find a Representative" pg and contacted about 6-8 of them.  Heard back from 2 (which is average in a town where people would rather whine about being poor than actually work for a living.  One of them wrote me several emails asking why I was changing reps, how I wanted to order (send her an email or call her to get her to place order), etc--but never dropped off a brochure.  Then she stopped responding to emails as well.  So I clearly used the one lady who dropped off a brochure.  Well that worked a couple times.  Then she didnt get me a brochure for about 2 months.  I keep writing her--she drops one of that is due the end of that day and that was it.  So I've given up on her too.  I went back to the AVON site and requested a brochure from EVERY SINGLE REP on there!  Well--2 of them swung by my house and dropped off brochures within 24 hrs of me contacting them.  Whoo hooo.  Perhaps I can place Avon orders again.

And of course b/c that almost sounded positive and I hate to end on a positive--today I am sick.  I have yet to make it into super boring training because I keep falling asleep and feel like shit.  Oh and my mother in law is in town.  We are getting together with her this week.

6/8/07 10:13 am - soon I shall start posting my other religious rants

but not today.  Today is just merely a question (like I actually believe anyone reads this).

US Passports.

I have one.  But I have changed my name.  I had heard that after a name change you had a year to change your name on your passport.  The problem that I am running into is that you have to mail them back your original passport.  It's not like a credit card where you can get the new one in the mail and then shred the old one.  No--you have to turn the old one in at first.  Then wait the 6 weeks processing time. 

Unfortunately my name change occured at a very bad time.  It was about mid-July before I had things in my possession that reflected that name change.  And US Passports were in high demand as some new strict laws had passed.  Not to mention summer is always a busy time with people needing passports. 

Basically they are as follows:  Anyone flying from the US to Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Caribbean, on or after Jan 1, 2007 is required to have a passport.  This does not include cruise travel, but does include any and all air.  After Jan 1, 2008, cruise travel will also require it.

So around Dec, they were swamped and I heard the wait time was 2 months.  Tons of people needing them for their flights.  So I waited.

Somehow the state department has never been able to keep up with the volume.  Probably this is partially due to Katrina since most of the South had their passports go through New Orleans.  So I didn't apply for my passport right off b/c I heard those people were waiting and waiting for their passports--having to call congressmen 2 weeks before their vacation pleading for the congressman to help them get their passport before they had to cancel their trip.

Well I didn't want to send them my passport right after the Jan law took effect.

There was talk that we might go to Scotland on this contract--spring or summer--so I did not want to send my passport off and then have the state department keep it for weeks or months once March came.  Then what would I do?  So I put it off waiting until I heard something better about the lead times on passports.

Well the rush never ended and the state department just kept getting further and further behind.  The wait was now 3 months.  I finally heard that there will be no trip to Scotland on this contract.  And I did some research and found I was wrong on the "one year" thing.  If you change your name within one year of getting the passport!  Well my passport was issued years ago so I have to fill out the different form anyway. 

As the state department was getting further and further behind, they had to keep stopping to deal with all the expediates and the the congressmen calling on behalf of someone who has been waiting 3 months and now has a vacation.  Now they have finally come up with a solution to allow the state department to catch up once and for all.


So I have decided to go ahead and send my passport off while--hopefully the rush of new passports is not as much a tsunami as merely a nice Hawaiian wave.  Wish me luck!

4/15/07 12:00 am - Philosophers

Immanuel Kant was a real pissant
Who was very rarely stable.

Heidegger, Heidegger was a boozy beggar
Who could think you under the table.

David Hume could out-consume
Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, [some versions have 'Schopenhauer and Hegel']

And Wittgenstein was a beery swine
Who was just as schloshed as Schlegel.

There's nothing Nietzsche couldn't teach ya
'Bout the raising of the wrist.
Socrates, himself, was permanently pissed.

John Stuart Mill, of his own free will,
On half a pint of shandy was particularly ill.

Plato, they say, could stick it away--
Half a crate of whisky every day.

Aristotle, Aristotle was a bugger for the bottle.
Hobbes was fond of his dram,

And René Descartes was a drunken fart.
'I drink, therefore I am.'

As you can see, though it must be
I very long list in deed

What they all had in the same, besides a rather large brain
was a passion for the passin
--of the bottle

must keep a hold on a post, while telling their boast
so famously engrossed!

4/12/07 10:37 pm - Let the Liar Be Shamed

April 12, 2007 -- HER name is Crystal Gail Man gum.

She is the woman who falsely accused three Duke University students of rape. Yesterday, the attorney general of North Carolina came forward and flatly declared the three young men "innocent of these charges."

That means their accuser is a liar.

Her name is Crystal Gail Mangum.

It is the policy of the news media not to publish the names of rape accusers on the grounds that they should not have to fear public shame for coming forward with word of a horrifying personal violation.

That is a noble policy. But it needs a codicil. The codicil is that if a rape accuser is revealed as a liar, her name should be spoken loudly and often - as loudly and often as the names of those whom she falsely accused have been over the past year.

Her name is Crystal Gail Mangum.

She must be denied anonymity because she makes a mockery of the very policy of granting anonymity to rape accusers. We do not publish their names so that they will not fear public exposure. But people who are tempted to do the monstrous thing Mangum did should fear public exposure.

They should be terrified of it.

They should have nightmares about it.

They should be given no encouragement whatsoever to believe they can launch a nuclear weapon at someone's reputation and escape unscathed.

Her name is Crystal Gail Mangum, and she should not escape the world's scorn because she is poor, or because she is black, or because her life circumstances led her to work as a "stripper."

Her name is Crystal Gail Mangum, and she does not deserve to lick the underside of the shoes of hardworking and honest people of color and modest means who somehow manage to get through life without attempting to destroy and defile the lives of others.

At his press conference yesterday, Attorney General Roy Cooper said something odd about the liar Crystal Gail Mangum. He said she would face no charges for her false accusation.

He said, "Our investigators who talked with her and the attorneys who talked with her over a period of time think that she may actually believe the many different stories that she has been telling. They worked real hard with her. It doesn't make sense. You can't piece it together."

The suggestion here is that she has psychological problems. So do millions upon millions of people in the United States. And they too manage, somehow, not to spin lies about rape into false arrests.

They somehow manage not to force families of those they falsely accuse to incur legal fees reportedly totaling more than $1 million per family. These families are sometimes described as "affluent," as though the fact that they live in nice communities in nice houses means they can afford million-dollar fees.

Attorney General Cooper did a good thing by making so unambiguous a statement of innocence as he freed David Evans, Reade Seligmann and Colin Finnerty from their year of torment.

Until I hear more that might justify his decision beyond a desire not to inflame racial passions in the Tar Heel State, I cannot help think that Cooper has done a very, very wrong thing by allowing Crystal Gail Mangum to avoid the judgment of his state's legal system.

Unless he changes his mind, then, the only justice she will face is the public exposure of her name and the revelation to all the world that, if she had had her way, three young men would have been sent to prison on false charges.

Her name is Crystal Gail Mangum.

Let her name be the new Mudd.


(New York Post)

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