candacefox (candacefox) wrote,

Complaint Happy

I have been having a complaining week.  First off--you may not know my car accident story.  Briefly, I was rearended April 13, 2006.  I was fairly badly hurt, unable to sit up or anything.  Just laying with ice on my back.  Well the guy who hit me had an insurance agent who is well known around these parts.  She kept calling me every day, threatening me, telling me how she didn't think my injuries were that bad.  I got a ride from my mother-in-law to Raleigh so I could have help.  This agent called telling me I had to drive the car down to her photographer and her body shop.  She kept saying if I didn't do what she told me to, Nationwide would pay less and less of my claim.  She lied terribly about the police report, telling me things I knew were lies--and that the police report said multiple witnesses were saying it didn't happen the way I said it did.  I asked her repeated to stop calling.  I had my insurance agent call her and tell her to stop calling me.  Finally I told her that I would be documenting it in a harassment log.  She kept reminding me that she would and could drag this out for 3 years.  So finally my car accident was settled this past summer.  I wrote a letter and this week I remembered I hadn't mailed it off yet.  So I mailed that off this week.  I wrote a letter to Nationwide's corporate office and to Jim Long, Commissioner for NC Dept of  Insurance, to explain her harassing abusive behavior and how it was nearly to the point of my filing criminal or civil charges against her.  I had to ask her repeatedly to stop calling me and that it was harassment to which she kept threatening if I didn't do what she demanded, she would make sure Nationwide paid less and less of my claim.  My grandfather was an insurance agent for many many years and said the Commissioner never gets letters about Individual Agents and that when they do, it is a very big deal.  So this should be a huge slap on her record and perhaps give her a problem maintaining her license.

Next my paypal problem.  As most of you know, I order a lot on Ebay.  Recently I've been bidding on a lot of Renaissance wear to the Ren Faire.  There is a seller on there ALLTHINGSRENAISSANCE*COM.  Write that down guys.  Anyway, I ordered from him.  After a few weeks, I wrote asking when he shipped.  No response.  A couple days later I wrote him again.  No answer.  A week later I filed a paypal complaint.  He never responded to paypal either but did take the time to leave me negative f/b. Then he shipped it.  After 6 wks it was too late.  So I am having a field day with this jerk trying to destroy my f/b.  I've written to a bunch of people, filed a paypal complaint, wrote to ebay.  I noticed his f/b has been TERRIBLE since I purchased.  Tons of negative f/b, neutral f/b, mutually withdrawn and even positive f/b that mentions no response to emails and slow shipping.  In the last month, he has 13 negatives and 46 positives.  Thats 21% of unhappy buyers.  So I started writing ebay on their sellers non-performance policy to get them to investigate.  I wrote to the other negative postings and asked them to write to ebay as well.  I have not dropped my paypal claim either.  Currently I'm filing a report on him on and  You messed with the wrong person.
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