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The rantings, opinions and dreams

All the things you didn't learn in Kindegarden and never cared to know

7 August
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Hey guys. Deb finally blocked me from her lj unless I got one for myself so I have. This journal will be an opportunity to blog those deep thoughts that really bother me about the world. Chances are I'll talk about racism, abortion, gun control and a lot of posts about my dreams.

I do not do the weekly updates on just life in general--what I'm up to, my weekend plans--unless it directly relates to my blog complaint. Email me for that stuff.
acceptable only at spas., always with a book, and formerly the apprentice., and mary higgins clark., as in boating, bones, camping, catherine coulter, especially historical romance., greys anatomy, hiking in the mountains., i enjoy the hunt, lakes, legal thrillers, like criminal minds, murder mystery, no purchase required., nora roberts, not a beach girl., perri oshaughnessy, private practice, rafting, reading., riding the jetskis., salt and sand, several genres like, shopping., skiing, some of my favorites:, somewhat like snow., tubing, watching tv shows, white water