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soon I shall start posting my other religious rants

but not today.  Today is just merely a question (like I actually believe anyone reads this).

US Passports.

I have one.  But I have changed my name.  I had heard that after a name change you had a year to change your name on your passport.  The problem that I am running into is that you have to mail them back your original passport.  It's not like a credit card where you can get the new one in the mail and then shred the old one.  No--you have to turn the old one in at first.  Then wait the 6 weeks processing time. 

Unfortunately my name change occured at a very bad time.  It was about mid-July before I had things in my possession that reflected that name change.  And US Passports were in high demand as some new strict laws had passed.  Not to mention summer is always a busy time with people needing passports. 

Basically they are as follows:  Anyone flying from the US to Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Caribbean, on or after Jan 1, 2007 is required to have a passport.  This does not include cruise travel, but does include any and all air.  After Jan 1, 2008, cruise travel will also require it.

So around Dec, they were swamped and I heard the wait time was 2 months.  Tons of people needing them for their flights.  So I waited.

Somehow the state department has never been able to keep up with the volume.  Probably this is partially due to Katrina since most of the South had their passports go through New Orleans.  So I didn't apply for my passport right off b/c I heard those people were waiting and waiting for their passports--having to call congressmen 2 weeks before their vacation pleading for the congressman to help them get their passport before they had to cancel their trip.

Well I didn't want to send them my passport right after the Jan law took effect.

There was talk that we might go to Scotland on this contract--spring or summer--so I did not want to send my passport off and then have the state department keep it for weeks or months once March came.  Then what would I do?  So I put it off waiting until I heard something better about the lead times on passports.

Well the rush never ended and the state department just kept getting further and further behind.  The wait was now 3 months.  I finally heard that there will be no trip to Scotland on this contract.  And I did some research and found I was wrong on the "one year" thing.  If you change your name within one year of getting the passport!  Well my passport was issued years ago so I have to fill out the different form anyway. 

As the state department was getting further and further behind, they had to keep stopping to deal with all the expediates and the the congressmen calling on behalf of someone who has been waiting 3 months and now has a vacation.  Now they have finally come up with a solution to allow the state department to catch up once and for all.

So I have decided to go ahead and send my passport off while--hopefully the rush of new passports is not as much a tsunami as merely a nice Hawaiian wave.  Wish me luck!
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